Thursday, June 21, 2007


it's a whole different universe. its kinda like LA but with lots of italians and cubans, but with a lot of pastel colored buildings. shopping is wierd. theres a lot of bling. imagine forever 21 hoochie style, but with screen prints on top of screen prints on top of rhinestones on top of embroidery. i somehow managed to find a few cool spots. thanks superfuture and univ. stopped by univ, arrive, base, dwr, and base annex. got a dress at arrive, a dress at base annex and a few little notebooks and crap. i love base annex.

for my birthday i hung out with a few hairdressers at a place called pawn shop. its the shizzy. its an old pawn shop converted into a bar. lounge areas were made from an airstream, an old bus, and an airplane. good music, good drinks. if i ever come back to miami thats where you'll find me. we also went to a love hate which is owned by the guy who started miami ink. funk and soul all night. fun times.

it was cool. i even went to the beach here. nice water.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

pre birthday

so i got here to miami 1am. i was supposed to get here at 8:40pm. i somehow missed my flight. well, it was at 11:15am, i got to the airport at 10:50am. i thought my flight was at noon. had to catch the next was delayed. then this morning at 9 am started my certification. the written part wasnt so bad, the lecture really made me nervous. thank god its over. now i'm getting ready for dinner, and later i will celebrate my birthday with a bunch of strange hairdressers. 8 hours and 45 min till i'm 25. but here it is 5 hours and 45 min.