Monday, April 30, 2007


i'm at the newark airport. its very close to nyc, but it would take 45 minutes to get there and 45 minutes to get back. i had a lay over of 4 hours and 45 minutes. if i went to nyc i would have to carry my bag, only be able to visit for an hour then get back. it wouldnt be worth it. and i might miss my flight. so i have been here for a total of 2 hours. i have two more to go. sucks. then i get home at 8:30. i dont want to work.

last bulletin from europe

i'm actually leaving now. that last post has been waiting since yesterday. i havent had internet this last time in berlin. bummer. i'm still going on no sleep. i went to a club last night called 25. it was interesting. it was inside of a little shack in mitte. the doorway has no sign. it just says 25. the club openned up friday and will not be closing until tuesday. amazing. it was super fun. i felt homeless there. they even had trashcans lit with fire. me and my german friends met a girl at 25. she invited us back to her place. i stayed there till 6 am. i had to leave at that time because i had my plane to catch at 9 am. they tried convice me to stay in germany forever. i wanted to, but i have major running my salon.

i forgot my dramamine. fuck. i hope i dont throw up all over the place. hopefully the stewardesses have something for me.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

berlin again

back in berlin. finally got here at 4pm yesterday. bummer. i took an early flight so that i could have time in the day to do other things. well at least i got to do a little shopping. bought some skincare products. they have caudalie here and its so much less than in america. and then a got a shirt. had some dinner, went back to the flat i'm staying at and took a nap. woke up at 10:30 went out again. got to watergate at 1:30am. it was the raverest place ever. it was really nice inside. cool led lighting on the ceiling. cheap drinks. awesome. did'nt leave there until 6am. so much fun. germans really love their techno. it was bright outside when i got back. today i went to the schmerz pain exhibit again at the hamburger bahnhof. i'm glad i did because there were some things that i missed the last time. tomorow i am heading back home. sadness. i sort of miss home though. i think asian food in america is so much better than the asian food here. first thing i'm going to do is go to pho saigon. i have not had vietnamese food in a month.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


this morning, i jumped on the coach to get to bristol...well i missed my coach. had to buy another ticket, finally got here at 12.30pm. went shopping today with tommy in bristol. he has work. i'm here at work with him. and i think we are going out tonight. i have no idea where. yesterday i went to the tate modern, met alexa there. had dinner then did her hair along with her roomate paulina. tommy got his hair cut first, in the morning. tomorow i'm heading back to london. i'm coming back to san diego in just a few days. bummer. be back monday.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


longest walk ever. alexa who i'm staying with lives about 2/3 mile from the train station. it was an hour on the train, then another 1/2 hour on the tube. i'm glad i'm in a country where the native language is english. less complications, i can communicate with people again. met a brilliant artist today, and i've only been here for two hours. amazingly i remembered how to get to alexa's house without a map. i'm awesome with trains.

milans trains ended so early. taxis where no where to be found. at late hours. today i think i will go shopping. and i'm going to see the bravery tonight. tomorow i think i will go to the tate modern. i love london. fun!

leaving milan

last night was the worst night ever. i got locked out of my nice flat, had to wait for the manager to get the keys, waited two hours, had to move to a hotel, waited another hour for a cab, didnt go out. and i didn't sleep last night because of anxiety. now i'm stuck at the airport becasue my flight was delayed. at least i had a hair dryer at the hotel. havent had one for over a week. my hair looks damn good, but my face is haggared. i hate italian men. they are sleazy. worst than men in amsterdam. i do like gelato and cannoli. oh and i got a tastey treat at the airport of nutella with something or other. i have eaten it yet. i think peter would appreciate it.

now i'm heading to london. i love london. i think i'll have a better time there. i shouldn't complain though. i had good times in milan for the most part. it just sucks when your last day went to shits. shopping was awesome. spent too much. salone del mobile was awesome. inspiring. duomo was incredible. i decided i can't eat italian food for a while. got sick of it. pasta everyday, or pizza, or lasagne. i can never get sick of the coffee or cheese though.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

slept last night

and i woke up before noon. actually at 10 am. it was nice. i went to salone del mobile again. finished up. it was awesome. then i went shopping. there was some sort of riot today at duomo (the giant cathedral). i wasnt sure what was going on, but i found out later italy won a futbol game. crazy folks. now i will do a little more shopping

Saturday, April 21, 2007

this morning

i have not slept. its now 5:30 pm. i went out last night to a discotheque called gasoline. stayed there till i think 5am. then hung out with some local italians. they barely knew english. i know no italian. we drove around for hours. i guess that what italians here do. they have cars which is something i didnt expect. it was hilarious trying to comunicate. they could have abducted me and i wouldn't even have known. jk. elize beto and i cant remember the other ones name were really nice. i think. then i went to salone del mobile. couldnt handle it anymore. too tired. bedtime.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

leaving stockholm

i'm sitting at the airport right now in stockholm. i had no idea it would take an hour and a half to get to this airport. i'm headed to milan. right now its 4.40pm and i dont get to milan till 8pm. bahhh humbug! it'll be a total of 9 hours travel time. damnit. yesterday i went shopping and went to this strange gallery. the artist put drywall on the floor and sledge hammered it. she also had multiple questionares for construction workers all over the walls. i was pissed. she's one of those, lets see what i can get away with and call it art. hated it. but the shopping was good. then i made friends with a bunch of people who were staying on the boat house. wierd that i stayed on a boat house. it was sort a hostel situation, but for some wierd reason i did not have to share the room. i had four beds to myself. and an amazing view. so i went to dinner with one buddy. he talks way too much. canadian. i think he just liked to hear his own voice. i tried to go to this bar debase. i guess its really hip with the underground. they closed when i got there. the canadian. damn him. so on the way back i saw eva who was staying on the same floor, and she was headed out to a bar. so i went along with her.... soooooooo much fun. we tried going to several different places, but few are open past 12 on weekdays. stayed out till 3am. didnt really sleep. now i'm at the airport waiting. i'll miss stockholm. swedish people are wierd. and they are really big on self service.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

scissor sisters

such a fun show. lots of sequins, glitter, old people and young dancing. the dj who openned for them played old 90's raver songs. loved it. beer is disgusting. i remember why i don't drink it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


so i arrived in stockholm yesterday. it has been quite an interesting experience. my cab driver was the oldest slowest moving driver on earth. he must have been 180 years old. i did a little shopping. didn't buy much. i tried on a j lindedberg dress that was like 3200 sek which equals 400 usd. it made me look like i was 12. then i went to the ice bar. its completely made of ice. it was freezing. got back to the houseboat slept from 11pm all the way till 1pm. i guess i was catching up for lost time. today i went to the moderna museet. amazing. these northern euro museums are the shit. why don't we have stuff like this in san diego? in every room i was taking notes. so inspiring. tonight i am going to see the scissor sisters. they are playing at some place called the globen annex. i dont think i will stay out too late tonight.

Monday, April 16, 2007

sundays in copenhagen

are for relaxing. nothing is open. i cannot shop. museums are open. went to the danish design center. it was ok. i went to christiana. its the "free town". meaning you can smoke and buy marijuana there. the people who live there used their squatters rights and started making homes out of an abandoned millitary defense center. so they pretty much pay no rent. they're a bunch of hippies. i definately felt like an outsider there. it was wierd. cool to see it though. liberal peeps. they had a big sign that said "NO HARD DRUGS".

i'm leaving tomorow bummer. i wanted to do so much more shopping. i love copenhagen. i'll miss it. oh well, time to go to stockholm. i've never been there, but i hear its awesome.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

illums bolighus

so i spent my day at illums bolighus ...its the most amazing place ever. i want to furnish my entire house with all things from there. scand design. i was like a kid in a candy store. picking up items is like a guessing game. you never know what it is because the design is functional yet beautful..doesn't look like your typical plastic made american utensil or office product. i want one of each. maybe they can just ship the store back home for me.

the furniture, kitchen items, textiles, dishes...everything was perfect.

oh yeah, i had coffee and pastries from my favorite little conditoori (bakery). the hans christian anderson bakery. the most amazing eclairs ever. spayde, when are you going to learn the recipe so that he can recreate it for me?


i keep on waking up way too late. its almost 2 again. partied last night, well i didnt leave the hotel till 1:30am. got back at 8:30am. i was invited to some fancy party tonight by some twin danish boys. guess i'll do it all over again. now... i think i'll do some more shopping.

Friday, April 13, 2007


i just arrived in denmark today, well 8 hours ago. i remember why i love this city. everything about it. the shopping is awesome. the people are nice. the food is good. and quirky funny things, like, there is a pub called rosie mcgee's....there motto is, "probably the best beer in town". so, it may be the best, but they're not so sure. ha! oh and girls ride their bikes dolled up in heels, dresses, tights, whatever. they are so stylish. and the department store illums bolighus is amazing.

anyway two dresses, one top, and a fanny pack later, the stores start closing around 7. i watched a guy juggle torches along with an axe. his english was poor and his jokes were worst. i love it. and the boys are quite handsome here. that makes copenhagen that much better. well, since everything but the bars are closed, i'm going to give Vega a shot again. i had a lot of fun the last time i went there. then tomorow i'm taking a trip to the Louisiana, which is an amazing museum for contemporary arts. beautiful. and maybe more shopping after. i will have to look up some places. i dont remember the names of streets they are on.

living it up

ok so i went to 3 bars tonight. paris clubs stay open till the sun comes up. i saw charles baptiste at truskel, went to le paris paris, went to another bar, back to le paris paris ( and now its 6am. i have a flight to catch in 4 hours. when will i get sleep? maybe tomorow.

oh yeah went shopping with peter. bought 2 pairs of shoes and a dress. peter didnt come out because he was feeling sick.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

the louvre

Boring! the structure is quite beautiful. napoleans apartment is beautiful, the rest of it however is mundane. all of the art is old works of old masters. i guess i'm not really into that. sculptures, italian art, renaissance era, religious works, mona lisa, blah blah. we've all seen it before. i'm glad i saw the building though.

oh, but i did get to see peter. he happenned to be here also for some sneaker tour that he's a part of. i'm going to his show tomorow, and possibly see some french punk music. and do lots of shopping.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


not as magical as one would think...then again i just got here and havent explored too much yet. i'm probably just whining because i spent 1.5 hours in the train.

changed my mind

Paris is gorgeous. better at night i think. i went to the eiffel tower today. i didnt think i would get entirely excited about it, but it is a massive structure, amazing is was built so long ago. i even went to the top and spent some time up there. beautiful view. i wish i had some one to share it with. =(

Sunday, April 8, 2007

smooth sailing

i woke up late today...230pm german time. i went to the Hamburger Bahnhof. they do not have hamburgers there. just art. lots of it. warhol, litchensen, jeffrey boons, amazing shit. shmerz pain was the main exhibit. all things pain, medical tools, forceps, medical deformities, it was awesome. to the moon was another was multi media, i can explain it but it will take me an hour to type it out, so i won't. check out if you are interested. i think i may make a trip back to this musdeum tomorow. it was amazing.


i wanted to get up by noon...its now almost 3

Saturday, April 7, 2007

sorry i lied.

didn't get my phone stolen. the club found it. i'm going to pick it up right now. damn drunk people misleading me to think that a black man stole it. fucken nazis

disaster continues

i was so trashed that some one stole my cellphone and i didnt know it. at least i had fun. watching germans get down to crunk was the most hilarious thing ever. i laughed out myself

just got back

people in berlin party till the morning and afternoon. crazy germans. i just got back and its 6am

Friday, April 6, 2007

disasterous day in berlin

tried to go to vitra design museum. they moved it.
tried to go to hamburger bahnof. it closed 10 minutes after i got there.
forgot some pills at home. tried to get them at the pharmacy. they woudn't let me. had to go to the hospital to get a prescription. couldn't find it. took a cab to the hospital that was five blocks away. cant understand anything. had to go back to the pharmacy.

got back to the hotel and it was already 930. that was my day. i've had better ones. now i'm going to party it up. hopefully no disaster happens.

at least i had a good dinner...and i know where i want to shop tomorow. oh yeah i wanted to go shopping today, but all of the stores were closed by the time i was done figuring out my day.

i just arrive in berlin

why are all of the signs in german? i don't understand anything and i need to kill time.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

i'm leaving in 3.5 hours

and i havent even packed yet. crazy bitch!