Tuesday, April 17, 2007


so i arrived in stockholm yesterday. it has been quite an interesting experience. my cab driver was the oldest slowest moving driver on earth. he must have been 180 years old. i did a little shopping. didn't buy much. i tried on a j lindedberg dress that was like 3200 sek which equals 400 usd. it made me look like i was 12. then i went to the ice bar. its completely made of ice. it was freezing. got back to the houseboat slept from 11pm all the way till 1pm. i guess i was catching up for lost time. today i went to the moderna museet. amazing. these northern euro museums are the shit. why don't we have stuff like this in san diego? in every room i was taking notes. so inspiring. tonight i am going to see the scissor sisters. they are playing at some place called the globen annex. i dont think i will stay out too late tonight.

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