Sunday, April 29, 2007

berlin again

back in berlin. finally got here at 4pm yesterday. bummer. i took an early flight so that i could have time in the day to do other things. well at least i got to do a little shopping. bought some skincare products. they have caudalie here and its so much less than in america. and then a got a shirt. had some dinner, went back to the flat i'm staying at and took a nap. woke up at 10:30 went out again. got to watergate at 1:30am. it was the raverest place ever. it was really nice inside. cool led lighting on the ceiling. cheap drinks. awesome. did'nt leave there until 6am. so much fun. germans really love their techno. it was bright outside when i got back. today i went to the schmerz pain exhibit again at the hamburger bahnhof. i'm glad i did because there were some things that i missed the last time. tomorow i am heading back home. sadness. i sort of miss home though. i think asian food in america is so much better than the asian food here. first thing i'm going to do is go to pho saigon. i have not had vietnamese food in a month.

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