Tuesday, April 24, 2007

leaving milan

last night was the worst night ever. i got locked out of my nice flat, had to wait for the manager to get the keys, waited two hours, had to move to a hotel, waited another hour for a cab, didnt go out. and i didn't sleep last night because of anxiety. now i'm stuck at the airport becasue my flight was delayed. at least i had a hair dryer at the hotel. havent had one for over a week. my hair looks damn good, but my face is haggared. i hate italian men. they are sleazy. worst than men in amsterdam. i do like gelato and cannoli. oh and i got a tastey treat at the airport of nutella with something or other. i have eaten it yet. i think peter would appreciate it.

now i'm heading to london. i love london. i think i'll have a better time there. i shouldn't complain though. i had good times in milan for the most part. it just sucks when your last day went to shits. shopping was awesome. spent too much. salone del mobile was awesome. inspiring. duomo was incredible. i decided i can't eat italian food for a while. got sick of it. pasta everyday, or pizza, or lasagne. i can never get sick of the coffee or cheese though.

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