Monday, May 16, 2011

living in paris

i hadn't updated in sometime. i was recently reminded that i even had this blog. the month before moving to paris last september had been really crazy. i applied for school at ecole de la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne. didn't get accepted because the spaces were full(i turned my apps in, in march). then received an email in june, 3 months before school started, stating that a student dropped and that i would be able to start as a sophomore. i had planned a vacation to paris late june- early july. from the time i got back from the vacation to the time i actually started school was about 6-7 weeks. i had no time to figure out life. i had just moved in may. then had to sell all of my stuff that i collected over 7 years of living on my own. i moved again in september into my parents house for two weeks. had to work on getting my visa. got it september 8th, then september 10th 2010 i officially moved to paris. the whole time i was working at my salon, trying to fit as many of my clients in as possible, getting my life sorted, figuring out what i needed to bring with me. ended up being jsut some clothes, and art supplies and materials for designing.

the first month living in paris, i was homeless. i stayed in a hostel the first 2 weeks. that was shit. the first few days it was ok because i didnt have school yet. then when i started school, it was a different story. people party too much. i couldn't sleep. i had to get up at 730am while people were getting back to the room at 5am. after staying there, i started looking for a place to stay. i ended up staying in a studio with someone i found off of a roommate search site. it's sort of like for roommates. he was nice. he was never home. his sleeping hours were the same as my sleeping hours. he slept on the mezanine type bed, i slept on the fold out bed. it wasn't weird as it may sound. kind of like being in the hostel, but with a respectful roommate. i only stayed there till i got my permanent apartment in belleville. i got really lucky with this one. a two bedroom apt without a roommate, a huge kitchen, huge bathroom, and huge balcony. and my rent was cheap.

tired of writing for now. i'll continue about more interesting stuff later.