Thursday, April 19, 2007

leaving stockholm

i'm sitting at the airport right now in stockholm. i had no idea it would take an hour and a half to get to this airport. i'm headed to milan. right now its 4.40pm and i dont get to milan till 8pm. bahhh humbug! it'll be a total of 9 hours travel time. damnit. yesterday i went shopping and went to this strange gallery. the artist put drywall on the floor and sledge hammered it. she also had multiple questionares for construction workers all over the walls. i was pissed. she's one of those, lets see what i can get away with and call it art. hated it. but the shopping was good. then i made friends with a bunch of people who were staying on the boat house. wierd that i stayed on a boat house. it was sort a hostel situation, but for some wierd reason i did not have to share the room. i had four beds to myself. and an amazing view. so i went to dinner with one buddy. he talks way too much. canadian. i think he just liked to hear his own voice. i tried to go to this bar debase. i guess its really hip with the underground. they closed when i got there. the canadian. damn him. so on the way back i saw eva who was staying on the same floor, and she was headed out to a bar. so i went along with her.... soooooooo much fun. we tried going to several different places, but few are open past 12 on weekdays. stayed out till 3am. didnt really sleep. now i'm at the airport waiting. i'll miss stockholm. swedish people are wierd. and they are really big on self service.

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