Friday, April 13, 2007


i just arrived in denmark today, well 8 hours ago. i remember why i love this city. everything about it. the shopping is awesome. the people are nice. the food is good. and quirky funny things, like, there is a pub called rosie mcgee's....there motto is, "probably the best beer in town". so, it may be the best, but they're not so sure. ha! oh and girls ride their bikes dolled up in heels, dresses, tights, whatever. they are so stylish. and the department store illums bolighus is amazing.

anyway two dresses, one top, and a fanny pack later, the stores start closing around 7. i watched a guy juggle torches along with an axe. his english was poor and his jokes were worst. i love it. and the boys are quite handsome here. that makes copenhagen that much better. well, since everything but the bars are closed, i'm going to give Vega a shot again. i had a lot of fun the last time i went there. then tomorow i'm taking a trip to the Louisiana, which is an amazing museum for contemporary arts. beautiful. and maybe more shopping after. i will have to look up some places. i dont remember the names of streets they are on.

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