Monday, April 30, 2007

last bulletin from europe

i'm actually leaving now. that last post has been waiting since yesterday. i havent had internet this last time in berlin. bummer. i'm still going on no sleep. i went to a club last night called 25. it was interesting. it was inside of a little shack in mitte. the doorway has no sign. it just says 25. the club openned up friday and will not be closing until tuesday. amazing. it was super fun. i felt homeless there. they even had trashcans lit with fire. me and my german friends met a girl at 25. she invited us back to her place. i stayed there till 6 am. i had to leave at that time because i had my plane to catch at 9 am. they tried convice me to stay in germany forever. i wanted to, but i have major running my salon.

i forgot my dramamine. fuck. i hope i dont throw up all over the place. hopefully the stewardesses have something for me.

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