Tuesday, January 8, 2008


so i finally have left paris. i went hunt for french clothes yesterday though. i got a super cute shirt from surface to air, a necklace from collette, and some jil sander shoes. the shoes are sooooo hot (6 inch heels).

got to barcelona a few hours ago. thanks mom for teling me to take spanish in high school. some people speak english but not too well. even the guy working the desk at the hotel, we can barely communicate. fortunately i understand him, i think he understands me. the hotel i´m staying at is pretty sweet. its the nicest place i´ve stayed at in europe ever. and it was not too expensive. i have a huge room with a black granite floor, free internet, a sweet bathroom, a blowdryer, and they even have little gift bags in the bathroom with a shower cap, toothbrush, toothpaste, a brush, a comb, a sponge for showering, and house slippers. wtf. a whopping 83 euro a night. right in the center of town.

went to eat at this super cute diner called flash flash. it is owned by a famous spanish photographer, has a bunch of stencilled pieces of a girl and a camera. the food was good, but quite heavy like most spanish food. i am going to explore some more. prolly going to the picasso museum tomorow and maybe the modern art museum. and perhaps shopping too. people wander the streets till like 3 in the morning here. and it´s only tuesday.

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