Thursday, January 17, 2008

welcome back to america

what a wake up call. everything that happened on my trip back to america has pointed me into the opposite direction. first i took a taxi to the charles de gaulle airport. i got the one taxi driver who didn't accept cards. so i had to run into the airport and pull out cash in order to pay him. then he yelled at me for making him wait. then i went back into the airport. whoops wrong terminal. so i had to take a tram to the correct terminal which was a 5 minute tram ride (which wasn't too bad), and a 1/2-3/4 mile walk to the right area. then to collect my tax free, i asked the lady at security where i can do that, she said its past security. went through security and customs, which the customs in france is very very friendly. the guy who helped me told me i was beautiful, which i was very flattered since i had gotten no sleep because of going out till 8am when my flight took off at 12:40pm (i allowed myself just enough time to go back, shower, get my stuff, and get myself to the airport). so after i went through security, i went to the tax refund place. once i got there the girl working told me i needed to go back to customs where i can get my receipts stamped. so i got the run around and had to go back through security, once i got back, the tax free office was closed. so i didn't even receive any cash back. then my plane started boarding, not allowing me to get anything to eat for today. the plane ride wasn't so bad. i had an entire row of seats to myself on a very large plane, but i was surrounded by kids that were very excited about flying. shit.

getting off in houston i had to go through customs again. then as i was picking up my luggage, a customs agent comes over to me and asks to see what was in my bags. asks me all of these questions about what i purchased. maybe it was because i look like trouble compared to all the others at the airport. maybe its because i was the only asian in the airport and the side of my hair is shaved. i told him that my flight was taking off pretty soon, so he proceeds to go through all of my stuff. i was so annoyed, kind of felt violated. he ended up adding all of my receipts and charges me $77 for miscalculating how much stuff i had purchased. he didn't even explain to me what was going on. i asked the other guy who was charging my credit card why i was paying more taxes when i had already paid taxes for my purchases. he told me i need to just sign before any questions are answered. then he tells another guy to explain to me what was going on. these guys were the biggest dicks ever. getting on the plane back to san diego i got into my seat. i have an inflatable pillow that i take with me and i put it on the top of my seat just so i can get settled in, and this guy behind me asks if i can move it. wtf. it wasn't even in his way. and i wasn't even going to keep it there. can somebody just send me back to france? i hate people.

welcome home. what a perfect way to end my trip.

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