Monday, January 5, 2009


word to self(and everyone reading this)...don't ever fly delta. sara and i flew from san diego to rome with a stop-over in atanta,on delta airlines. they have the jenkiest planes i've ever. on our flight from san to atl, we were seated in the exit row, which had a lot of leg room, but our seats did not recline and were hard as rocks. i'm usually a heavy sleeper on airplanes, but this time around i maybe slept 15 minutes at a time. before taking off the flight attendant came around the exit rows to ask if any of us would help out in case of an emergency. we all said yes. then she proceeded to ask me again. i said "yes". she says to me once more,"will you be willing to help?". I said,"yes". she then says,"I NEED A VERBAL RESPONSE!". I said,"yes" again. she was speaking to me as if i don't speak english. the same flight attendant came around again to pass out snacks and completely skips me. what does she have against me? i think she hates her job.

our flight from atl to rome i was asleep most of the time. but for some reason sara's chair didn't recline. bummer.

we got to the airport at aproximately 830am, but for some reason, we didnt get our bags until about 930. arriving at our hotel at about 11am. check in time was 2, but fortunately our room was ready at 1130. perfect! sara and i went to grab a bite to eat and went back to the room to clean up and put on our faces. then we went shopping. after 2 hours of shopping, sara got a belt and i got a leather jacket. my goal now is to find some brown boots and maybe a purse. italy is the place for leather goods.

so we were both so tired from shopping and flying, we went to grab a bite to eat. back to the hotel room. nap from 7-1030pm. got ready and off to "la maison". we were only intending to stay out for an hour or two, but somehow managed to stay out till 5. we woke up today at 9 for breakfast and i was still drunk. went back to sleep again until 430pm. we got up, showered and didn't leave the room till 630pm. i tried to do some shopping. no luck. all of the stores were closing and the ones that were open were completely crowded with people. my search for brown boots and a purse has failed again.
hunger strikes. i found a cute restaurant called ao. pumpkin potato and bacon soup and raw tuna with avocado for dinner. it was delish. booked my flight for copenhagen. and now we are going out again at 130am.

see you next post.

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