Thursday, January 15, 2009

travel time

yesterday i arrived in london. to get on my train to paris. as i was waiting in londonthis man sat down right next to me. i didn't think anything of him at first, but then this girl came up to him and smiled. she must have known him. he kept saying you her, "what do you want? i don't know you. what are you doing?" then they walked away for a bit. he walked back and sat down and started to talk to himself. i still don't know what was up with that.

then i got on my train to paris. as i arrived in gare du nord, i see a fight break loose. a girl was beating up an old man. i couldn't understand what was going on there either.

then i did a little shopping, had some sushi, grabbed a drink and went to bed.

today i got up at about noon. went to do some shopping. i dunno how i ended up spending 2 hours inside colette. it pretty much is awesome. it's too bad i couldn't afford most of the things there. i ended up getting a dress and some music.
i went to chatelet/les halles and got a pair of boots, skincare products to last me a year, and a new sim card for my phone.

tommorow i will do more marathon shopping. april 77, surface to air, rue du charlot, and most likely st germain de pres. i will also try to fit in le catacombs as well as visiting the school of couture.

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