Saturday, January 10, 2009

leaving copenhagen.

it's such a cool city. it's too bad i slept most of my days away. i'm still trying to catch up with sleep, but there just seems to be too much to do. you can pretty much go out any night until the wee hours of the morning. i found a local jazz club, called mojos, to go to. so i'd gone there a few times. i also found another place called lades which had live music almost every night. last night was reggae. as for day time stuff, i went to the staten's museum for kunst, which had a collection of modern and traditional art works. the building was an old danish style, with the inside being ultra modern. i also did a lot of shopping. one jacket, a pair of boots, 2 dresses, 2 tops, a scarf and some fun home stuff. shopping in copenhagen is awesome. simple things with cool details.

i booked my flight to iceland just a few days ago. it ended up being a lot more than i was expecting. i guess i should have booked earlier. i booked my hotel last night. that ended up being a lot less than i was expecting. so it worked out really well. $143 for 4 nights. wtf. in the middle of the city.

today as i was leaving copenhagen to get to the airport, it wasn't too much of a rush. though i seemed to be very unorganized. i didn't do a nice job of packing my stuff. couldn't find my passport. couldn't find a pen. when i got the airport, i got into the wrong line and waited 1/2 an hour. i knocked over a little kid as i ran to the right line. fortunately for me, the kastrup airport in copenhagen is extremely organized. the security line was the most efficient security line ever. they have tray dispensers that rotate they trays for people. they dont make you take off your shoes. the security the was only 5-6 people ahead of me and 3-4 lines. it looks like they open up more lines if it was more crowded.

i went to lades, one last time, the night before until 4am. i somehow became friends with the staff and was helping them out with coat check. a guy came to pickup his coat and it was no where to be found...i hope i didn't hand it to someone else by mistake. i don't think it was me though. i got free drinks all night in return and it was fun. i asked the owner of the bar,"if i move to copenhagen, can i have a job here?" he said no. i don't think he understood that it was a joke.

drinks in copenhagen are typically $10-$15, and they are usually pretty weak. even if it's a beer. everyone pays it with no delay. it's amazing you can end up spend $100 in drinks and not even realize that you did.

now i have to figure out a way to get back to europe mainland. i was checking flights from reykjavik to paris, they are now at $600 for tickets. i should have booked my ticket ahead of time. but i never know what i want to do until i'm here or there. too many restrictions feel like i'm not on vacation. and now i have to pay for it. literally and figuratively.

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