Monday, January 5, 2009

rome in a nutshell.

we went out friday till 5am. usually people don't really go out until 1-2am. it was a place called la maison. my wallpaper city guide said it was a place for beautiful people, but somehow i don't believe it. there were lots of older men. it was a sausage fest. i think all clubs in italy are sausage fests.

so sara and i woke saturday at 4. didn't leave the hotel room till 630. i went shopping by the spanish steps. everything was either closed or about to close. bummer.
though i found some cool shops, and i ate at this really delish fusion restaurant in the "spagna" area. i ate a pumpkin potato and bacon soup, and a dish made up of raw ahi tuna, avocado, lime and baby greens, and a cafe latte. it was awesome. if i'm in rome, i will visit this restaurant again.
i came back to the hotel at about 11 and waited for sara to call me. we didn't end up going out till 2am. i got to this place called goa, and sara had not arrived yet. at this point i am afraid. sausage galore. i did not want to get hollered at by another agressive man. so i waited until she got there to go inside. we stayed out till 7am this time. we tried to leave earlier. no taxis. luckily this nice group of italians gave us a ride home. thanks girl with blonde hair who i can't remember your name. she was nice enough to take us to the hotel. but in between we stopped at a late night deli and she tried to take us to an after hours club, which had a man wearing military clothing holding a large gun outside. they were closing so they didn't let us in. thank goodness. i was beat. i still am.

sunday we wake up at 1. somehow we managed to not get out of the hotel room till 3. we went to campo dei fiori. i got a pair of shoes. we pretty much just shopped around and got to bed at around 11:30. i had a hard time falling asleep this time though. i think because i didnt have dinner. my starvation must have woken me up.

today we woke up at 8. somehow managed not to get out of the hotel room till 11:20. today i spent time with myself. i went to the vatican and then to the colliseum. i saw at least 20 dead popes. it was weird. st peter's bassilica is pretty much amazing. marble everything. i saw the cloth that jesus's face was wiped on. jesus is no longer a unicorn in my mind.
the colliseum was cool, but expensive. i spent 12 euros. to get in. i have to admit it was very cool. got back to the hotel around 5pm. rested a little and continued shopping. today i got a pair of shoes, a purse, and a jacket. we tried to eat at open colonna. it is closed colonna on mondays. we then tried to eat at crudo. also closed on mondays. then we went to this other restaurant in the area of campo dei fiori. it was ok. i had proscuitto with buffalo mozzarella, and vegetable soup. the soup was sort of bland and soggy. the proscuitto with mozzarella was really good. tonight i will get ready for my flight tommorow.

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