Tuesday, January 20, 2009

coming home

i figured out a metaphor for impero hotel. polished turd. that's it.
this place is a piece of shit. they tried to charge me extra. took a cold shower. it's 7 and breakfast is not ready yet. i need to catch my flight. fuck this shit. fuck these people. and they are probably taking their time to get breakfast ready because they don't like me. these fucking people piss me off. i'm so happy to be out of that place. i'm usually not hard to please when it comes to hotels. i've stayed in some shitty places, but when the desk people are dicks to me intentionally, its different.

i'm now at the airport. things are going good. i got to the train station 20 minutes before the train left. that is plenty of time. i got to the airport two hours ahead of time. that gave me enough time to get my stamps for tax back, and i ended up with a little extra money in my pocket. yay! i can't wait to get on the plane to sleep. i didn't sleep last night since i stayed up organizing my bags as well as filling out tax forms. i think i may have left my gloves somewhere. i'm not sure. i don't remember seeing them when i was packing. i don't know why i spent so much time packing. everything needs to be washed anyway.

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