Sunday, January 11, 2009


reykjavik has been soo chill. i sort of like that this city forces me to slow down. last night i went to see a janis joplin musical. the band was really good. the songs were performed well, but i couldn't understand the monologue. i had seats in the 3rd row, but i was falling asleep, so i left during intermission. i went back to the hotel for a nap. i woke up at about midnight..(havent used any alarm clocks here). got dressed and went out. i'd say i left at about 1:30am. people were just getting out at that time. i went to a place called nasa, which big acts in reykjavik usually play at, such as sigur ros, gus gus, mum. last night it was raver time. i wasn't feeling the music much, but i stayed for a bit anyway. i left at about 4am. people were still driving into town. i wanted to go to the place bjork sometimes shows up to, but it got shut down. oh well. today, i went to the blue lagoon. it was really quite strange. it's a geothermal pool in the middle of volcanic rock. it was a 45 minute drive out there. i wanted to get in for a massage, but they were all booked. so i just floated around in the milky blue water for a few hours. had some food, styled my hair and left. i took a nap, after i got back to the hotel. the northern lights tour was cancelled. it was too overcast and snowing. nothing is open. i'm in the hotel contemplating going out for a small bite.

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