Tuesday, January 20, 2009


one more thing. i'm about to generalize men and their regards to women like myself(in relationships)

anh: i'm sorry i have a bf
italian man: it's ok i have a girlfriend too.
and they will keep trying.

anh: blah blah blah my bf.
danish man: cool blah blah.
they seem to not be on the prowl.

anh: i'm sorry i have a bf.
icelandic man: i have to use the restroom. *immediately walks away*
has no game and neanderthal tactics.

french man: bonsoir? comment ca va?
anh: ca va bien(in american accent)
french man:oh, you speak french so well blah blah. are you alone?
anh: yes, but i have a bf at home.
french man: *continues to be charming until i walk away*
although witty and charming probably has 3 gfs.

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