Monday, January 12, 2009

waking up in reykjavik

it was tough for me to get up this morning at 11am. maybe it's because i was chatting till 3am. maybe it's because i've been used to waking up in the afternoon after staying out way too late. maybe it's because it's been dark until 11:30am. either way i had to get up. i missed breakfast, which ends at 9:30am. i got up, showered, left the hotel at about noon. today i tried my hardest to do some shopping. it's nice that all of the boutiques are on my street, as well an intersecting street. it makes it really hard for me to get lost. anyhow, i walked outside and somehow a swarm of asian tourists wearing their tourist uniforms surrounded me. you know, the puffy parkas, the hiking shoes, the wire rimmed glasses, and all in neutral colors(blue, khaki, white, and sometimes orange). i think to myself,"oh god, i hope no one thinks i'm with them.

first stop was 12 tonar, a local music store with a record label. the guy working was very nice. i asked him about icelandic music so he openned up some shrink wrapped cds for me to listen to and even made me some espresso. icelandic coffee isn't the best. but it was the thought that counts.
then i stopped at a place called fish and chips. you can imagine what i ate. and damn was it good. organic, freshly fished out of the ocean this morning, cod.
i proceeded to go shopping for clothing. some of the stores i tried to visit ended up being shut down. i walked through almost every single boutique in reykjavik. i ended up with a purse and a few scarves. no clothing. i was very suprised since all of the window displays look so cool. i think icelandic clothing is just not my style. a little too crafty looking for me, a bit too nineties, or some things looked like i can make it myself.
so i stopped in another music shop. this one belongs to the former sugar cubes. of course the guy managing had good taste although the store is known to be called "bad taste". i got a few records and the sugar cubes box set on vinyl. i can't wait to get home to listen to my new finds. the guy managing also tipped me off to different cafes with live music. thanks guy!

after shopping, i got hungry again and stopped at this little coffee shop on my street. i met my first gay in iceland. he was the owner of the coffee shop. he was not icelandic, but his husband is. he made me a crepe and a chai tea. both pretty damned good. wifi food and tea. what a perfect combo. and he was soo nice. i think i'll go there tommorow.

i also booked a tour to see aurora borealis. and here i am, stuck with like 20 asian tourists. i felt like such an outcast, even though we are all asian. then some tourists from other countries showed up. i felt normal again. these asian tourists keep blowing my cover. and the booking agents think i'm with them. can't they tell i don't have the tourist uniform on?
so i paid 49 euro to go on this tour. it was a bust. no aurora borealis. i think all the photos of it were photoshopped or maybe someone mad a mistake while developing film.

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