Wednesday, January 7, 2009


it's such a cool city. though as i arrived, i encountered dissapointment. i had a llist of things to do.

eat potato cakes.
eat at alberto k.
lousiana museum.

my favorite bakery no longer makes potato cakes. alberto k will be closed until jan 11th. i will be gone by then. i thought about leaving early since i couldn't complete half of my list. and then i went for a stroll. i did a bit of shopping, and man danish style is so cool. i got two dresses and a jacket it the matter of 1 hour. there were plenty of home items that i wanted to get also, but i don't think i have the space in my luggage. i may have to just purchase and send it home.

since i didn't go to alberto k, i found this other restaurant called victor's cafe. it was french food, danish style. i ate all of my favorite things. onion soup, a roast duck salad, foie gras, and scallops. it was delish! i sat by the window and saw snow falling for the second time in my life. it was pretty darned cool. then i went an undergruond jazz bar called mojo. that place stays open till 5am. on a tuesday night. from what the locals said, mojo is the most alternative and happening place you can find on a tuesday.

today i will do some laundry at the laundromat cafe. and have some food. fun!

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