Monday, January 19, 2009

back in rome.

i got back to rome yesterday in the morning. word to self: do not book flights out of beauvais airport in paris early on a sunday morning. early any morning, rather. the airport is 1 hour away from the city. there are buses that can take you there, but i needed to be at the airport at 8:30am to catch my flight. the first public transport left at 8am. i would have definately misssed my flight. so 125 euros ($162) later and by taxi, i reached my flight on time.

arriving in rome at 10:30am, i got to my hotel(impero) i hate my hotel. don't ever stay at hotel impero. it's in the city center, but on a bad street, and the service here is bullshit. i should have just gotten a room at yes hotel, where me and sara stayed the first time i was here. i arrived at the hotel at 12:30pm. i came to front desk and stand there for about 5 minutes while the staff is eating lunch and yelling at one of the employees to go help me. they told me to come back at 2pm. so i had to do something with myself for 1.5 hours. i asked them, are there any rooms ready. they said no come back at 2. i come back and there is a line of people waiting to check in at the same time. i have to wait 20 minutes for them to get to me. they checked maybe 3 groups of people before me. later i find out there were several rooms open. if they would have just started checking people in sooner this big ass line would not have been there. then once they got to me, they couldn't find my paperwork and told me i did not have a room. the website i booked through sent me a text confirmation, so i showed it to reception. he said,"no that is not ok. you have to have the paper". i think to myself, i am travelling and don't have a fucking printer. he looks through paperwork doesn't find it. 10-15 minutes later he decides to check on their website to see if my info is there. it is. they didn't print the info out. after about 20 minutes i finally get my key. and my luggage is not brought to me. i had to ask them for my luggage.
i get in my room and it's a decent room. the bed is soft, theres a towel warmer in the bathroom, hairdryer, soaps, bodywash, and shampoo. i check if there is internet since the website said there was wireless. the wireless internet doesn't work in my room and i have to pay 5 euros an hour. wtf. then i went shopping. found a pair of brown boots finally! tried them on again the back of the boot is ripped. fuck! cheap ass boots.
after shopping i tried going to open colonna, which is a very well known restaurant here, but it is closed for a private event. it's the second time i've tried to eat there. no luck. then i go to a traditional roman style restaurant. damn was the food good. i had flat bread, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, proscuitto, and tortellini. the tortellini was a bit heavy on salt but still tasty. then i stayed in, since i'm afraid of italian men. they are just so aggressive. i feel like i cannot go out alone here. ciao bella, oh bellisima, ni hao.

so i woke up at 10 this morning. the hotel serves breakfast till 10. i get down to the breakfast room. it is closed. exactly at 10am. who the fuck does that. this hotel is bullshit. and everytime i come back to the hotel at night, i have to ring the doorbell and wait for the guy working night shift to wake up to open the door for me. wtf.

i did my last little bit of shopping and toured around the ancient ruins in the middle of rome. it's pretty much amazing. it is so weird walking through these ruins and being in the middle of a big city. i finally did some damage here in rome. 4 pairs of shoes and a purse. i also tried to go to another restaurant ao roma. closed mondays. ps. all of the cool restaurants close on mondays. the end. i leave for san diego tommorow. my flight leaves at 10:30am. that means i go to the train station at 7:25am. it.s now 3:37am. i havent packed. thanks for listening to me rant. see you at home!

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Evan said...

I've been reading your rants, sounds like a bummer, but sounds like you had a good time. Today the internet was out-all-day-long.

It just came back on, or well I just woke up at 9pm and it was on for some reason. Drama...I'll tell you about it later.