Thursday, January 15, 2009

leaving reykjavik

this morning i left reykjavik. now on my way to paris. my eyes hurt. i didn't get to bed until 1am and woke up at 4:25 am. i didn't even party last night. i just went on a tour, went out for dinner, had a drink, and came home to pack up my stuff and to get ready for paris. my room is finally booked. my flight and train also booked. i shuold have gotten my tickets for paris ahead of time. at one point it would only cost me about $90 for reykjavik to paris. because i waited till last minute, it would cost about $600. i am not paying that much for a one way ticket. so i found ways around it. i flew into london. took a train to london city, and took the chunnel into paris. which i cheated the system by saying i was 25 to get a discounted ticket. total travel time from when i woke up. 12 hours. shitty.

yesterday i went to the post office to send some stuff home. hotel leifur erikson did it again. such great service. i asked if they had a box handy. they sure did. i also asked if they could mail out my postcards. they said yes. they also had breakfast ready for me this morning when i came downstairs at 4:45am. breakfast is normally served between 6:30-9:30.

on a tour to gullfoss and geysir. we drove from the european tectonic plates to the north american tectonic plates. that was strange. we also saw a beautiful water fall. then i went to a icelandic restaurant and had raw puffin, whale, and deer pate. i didn't like much of it. puffin was sort of mushroom texture. whale was like steak. and deer pate tasted like old dry pate.

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