Monday, January 7, 2008


yesterday when i was on the metro, i experience romance second hand. walking through the tunnels i saw some chalk writing on the floor. j´taime marta. turned around a corner i saw a big heart above the name marta. walked up some steps, and i saw a girl taking a picture of another chalk writing on the floor of j´taime marta. then me and my parisian buddies got on our train. she soon followed. we passed a few stops, the girl taking the photo jumps out of the train, runs and hugs a guy waiting at the stop. they both enter the train. i didn´t understand a lot of what they were saying, so i ask my french buddies if that was marta. and of course it was. what a sweet bf. he made a trail for her to find him. j´taime means i love you in french.

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beautyseeker said...

love this story. sooo cute. totally amelie.